Un-Fairness Doctrine

Rumors are circulating that the Democrats are trying to hoist themselves by that old petard, the cynically named Fairness Doctrine, after they re-take the White House.
Look – if I were a Democrat – which I am not, because I at least pretend to have some sort of moral structure – I would die of embarassment if one of the issues my party is known to champion, Free Speech, was attacked by that same party.  I mean, it’s just embarassing.  Traditionally it has been the Republicans who want to limit freedom of political speech by passing constitutional amendments against flag burning and such.   But I guess the success of conservative talk radio (something I avoid like the plague, by the way), combined with the apparant fact that there isn’t much of a market for liberal talk radio since outside of the freaks at Pacifica, has pissed off the Dems so much that they are trying to regulate political speech under the guise of fairness.
Look, guys – it’s pretty simple.  Political speech should not be regulated outside of occasional zone and safety concerns, and even those should be very limited.  End of story.  Stop making yourselves look hypocritical on one of the few issues that makes you look rational (to a rational person).
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One Response to Un-Fairness Doctrine

  1. Unknown says:

    I love Pacifica Radio.  It helped me see the light way back when we were in law school.  I give Amy Goodman much of the credit for my catharsis.Bryan S.

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